Bree and Jake

Posted by By3bYe_L0g on October 15, 2018 in Photography,Weddings

When you think of an elopement, you might think of two lovers running off to the registry office and tying the knot on a whim, and while it’s true that there is a lot less planning than a traditional wedding, eloping still takes a little bit of organising.

Having been a wedding photographer for many elopements, there are many reasons people choose to ditch the big day in favour of a more intimate style wedding. Sometimes priorities shift from a big wedding, or some people are intimidated by saying their vows in front of a large crowd, and in the case of Jake and Bree, they just wanted the day to be about them.

Bree and Jake decided that they didn’t want to sacrifice the intimacy of their wedding day by having a big affair and opted to share a more authentic way of saying their vows.

As a wedding photographer I am blessed to be invited to share in such a private moment. We spent some time talking about how the day would go and I sat back and let them enjoy Shorncliffe Pier in North Brisbane as I witnessed the beautiful love that Bree and Jake share.

Bree looked stunning in her white dress and Jake couldn’t take his eyes off her, seeing these two souls unite was a truly beautiful moment.

Feeling relaxed, and with full focus one another, Bree and Jake watched the waves roll in; as the water lapped the shore they enjoyed tender moments that are often missed in a big wedding.

After being given full permission from their celebrant to kiss the bride, Jake didn’t waste a moment.

Sometimes simple is more special, and watching the blushing bride and groom sitting in one another’s company without the hustle and bustle usually associated with a wedding, they had time to sit and contemplate their life together and the journey they’ve embarked upon.

Bree and Jake were as relaxed and in love as any couple could be, without the stresses of formalities and entertaining guests, they were free to focus on one another and as their souls joined they watched the tides roll in as they enjoyed one another’s company as husband and wife.

As a wedding photographer I am blessed to say I am a part of this special moment, and it is forever in my heart. I leave them with their images, and they leave me with a sense of fulfillment. I adore being able to specialise in capturing these truly authentic and intimate occasions for couples in love.

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