Baby Lyla

Posted by By3bYe_L0g on June 5, 2019 in Photography

Hi, my name’s Sarah and I am honoured to be a newborn photographer; being able to share in the first few days of a baby’s life and capture the growing bond is truly magical.

The first 10 – 14 days are the best time to capture your sleepy new addition, but babies of all ages provide amazing images.

Whilst I have a studio where you can come and enjoy a newborn photography session, there’s something natural about capturing your baby’s first few days at home.

Baby Lyla’s at-home lifestyle session means that mum and dad get to relax, and bub is happy in familiar surroundings.

Baby Lyla looked beautiful in her crocheted jumpsuit. With a full head of hair, baby Lyla took a big sleepy yawn as mum tended to her.

The bond between bub and mum is so natural, and a touching moment they’ll be able to look back on and cherish.

And then there were four…..

Dogs are instinctively programmed to protect their pack, and baby Lyla is very much part of the pack already. With his protective stance, it’s quite clear that baby Lyla has a protector and friend for life.

Mum and dad can’t take their eyes off their precious little girl.

Baby Lyla was surrounded by lots of natural fabrics and colours, which made for an earthy and natural feel.

Ten little toes.

Lyla has the most beautiful blue eyes and little round belly; mum carefully cradles baby Lyla’s head as she takes in the world around her.

Skin-to-skin, dad and Lyla spend some time bonding.

Baby Lyla is exploring the artwork on daddy’s chest as he stares deep into her eyes.

A beautiful family moment.

Mum cradles baby Lyla to sleep after her first photography shoot.

Baby Lyla’s nursery is earthy and rich in deep and natural tones, as the rocking chair sooths Lyla to sleep she nuzzles into her mother’s chest.

The at-home lifestyle photoshoot is an authentic way to capture the first few days at home. If you want a newborn photoshoot with a more casual and relaxed vibe, let’s have a chat.